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NotesPickCheckMark.png   Oaxacan Restaurant     $$-$$$     (B)
All three of Chef Alejandro Ruiz Olmedo’s "Casa Oaxaca" restaurants infuse their Oaxacan dishes with Mediterranean flavors to great effect. Throw in some snappy, professional waiters and extensive wine lists and you have three the finest restaurants in the city. This one, however, Casa Oaxaca Café, conforms most closely to traditional Oaxacan cuisine and is by far the least expensive of the lot, without compromising on flavor.

Still, both of his other restaurants are standouts as well, especially Casa Oaxaca El Restaurante, located in the Centro Histórico on Avenida Constitución, south of the Iglesia de Santo Domingo, as well as Casa Oaxaca, the restaurant of the intimate 7-room boutique hotel of the same name, located on Calle García Vigil, also in the Centro Histórico.

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