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Traveling by bus is popular in México. On longer trips, buses can be more comfortable than vans, especially executive and first-class, which can be quite cushy. To reach small towns and villages, second-class buses and colectivos, which make many more stops than first-class buses and have no amenities, are often the only means of public transportation. For general information on traveling by bus in México, read the article "Bus Travel — México."

The city of Oaxaca has one first-class and two second-class bus stations. The ADO first-class bus station is located 2km northeast of the Zócalo in the day-dreamy Barrio de Jalatlaco. The main second-class bus station, known as the Central, is located about eight blocks west of the Zócalo. On the east-side of the Central, the other, much smaller second-class bus station is run by the Sur bus line, with long-distance service to many in-state locations.

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