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Second-class Bus Station — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Bus Station     (B)
Most second-class bus companies operate out of this station. The exceptions are the Sur and AU, which operate out of the Sur Bus Station about 1/3 mile (500m) to the south on Periférico.

Second-class Bus Station Entrance — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

The Second-class Bus Station (Terminal de Autobuses de Segunda Clase) is located eight blocks west of the Zócalo. From the southwest corner of the Zócalo, walk seven blocks west on Trujano or Las Casas, a block south. Both streets converge at the large intersection with Periférico. Cross the intersection and walk west on Juárez Maza. To the south is the sprawling Mercado de Abastos; to the north, the bus station. The bus station's main entrance is partially obscured by vendor booths lining the north side of the street, making it easy to miss. (And indeed, the first time this writer tried to find the entrance, he toddled right past it.)

Normally, the bus companies operating out of this station do not publish their routes or schedules. To get this information, call the customer service numbers listed below or go to the station and speak with the agents at the ticket booths (taquillas). Most taquillas line the curved inner wall of the station's half-circle shaped building. Food stalls, luggage lockers (guardarias), and public phones are available inside the station.

For general information on traveling by bus in México, read the article "Bus Travel — México."

Bus Companies & Destinations

Fletes y Pasajes951-516-1218
Service southeast to the the Isthmus of Techuantepec, and then on to southern Chiapas; west to the Mixteca; east to Mitla and Mixe, and then on to northern Chiapas; and direct service to the TAPO station in México City. No service to northern Oaxaca.

Isthmus of Techuantepec
Techuantepec Salina Cruz Juchitán Niltepec
Zanatepec Tapanatepec Chahuites

Southern Chiapas
Arriaga Tonalá Pijijiapan Mapastepec
Escuintla Huixtla Tapachula

East to Mitla and Mixe
Ayutla Juquila Mixes Matías Romero

Northern Chiapas
Cintalapa Tuxtla

West to Mixteca
Huajuapan Nochixtlan Tlaxiaco Chicahuaxtla
Putla Mesones Zacatepec Pinotepa Nacional

Estrella Roja del Sureste951-516-0694
Service south along HWY 131 to Puerto Escondido (Mex$135 7 hrs). From there buses head west along coastal HWY 200 to Pinotepa Nacional.

Highway 131 South
Sola de Vega Ojo de Auga Juachatengo El Vidrio
San Garbriel Mixtepec Nopala San Pedro Mixtepec Puerto Escondido

Highway 200 West from Puerto Escondido
Chila Manialtepec Rio Grande Santa Rosa
Pueblo Nuevo El Charquito Jamiltepec Huaxpaltepec
Huazolotitlan Pinotepa Nacional

Autotransportes Oaxaca Pacífico and Autobuses Estrella del Valle951-516-2908
These two cooperating bus lines runs buses daily south along HWY 175 to Pochutla (Puerto Angel). From there, buses travel east and west along coastal HWY 200 to Puerto Escondido, Pinotepa Nacional, and Bahias de Huatulco.

Highway 175 South
Loxicha Pluma Hidalgo Pochutla (Puerto Angel)

Highway 200 East from Pochutla
Santa Maria de Huatulco Bahias de Huatulco

Highway 200 West from Pochutla
Puerto Escondido Rio Grande Santa Rosa San José del Progreso
Jamiltepec Huaxpaltepec Huazolotitlan Pinotepa Nacional

Autotransportes Pasajeros Benito Juarez
Service to villages and towns in the mountains to the north of the Oaxaca Valley and as far north as Valle Nacional and Tuxtepec.

Benito Juarez Valle Nacional Tuxtepec La Lopa
La Xopa Zoogocho Zoogochi Ixtepeji
San Juan Yaee Comaltepec Cuajimoloyas

Flecha de Zempoaltépetl
Service north to these destinations:

Villa Alta Camotlán Tabaa Villa Hidalgo
Cuajimoloyas Ixtlan Cajonos

And finally, these local lines service destinations mostly in the Oaxaca Valley:

   Choferes del Sur, service north to San Felipe del Agua and Etla

   Autobuses de Oaxaca, service south to Cuilapan and Zaachila

   Sociedad Cooperativa Valle del Norte, service west to Teotitlan and Tlacolula.

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