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Llano Grande, Oaxaca

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Set in the mountains about fifteen kilometers north of La Crucecita, Llano Grande (population: 64) is a nice day trip from Huatulco, with tours of organic coffee plantations, a crystal clear mountain river, which includes a couple nice of side trips to waterfalls, presentations on traditional medicines, locally grown organic chocolate and honey, and rustic cabanas, if you're so inclined.

No buses or colectivos run direct to Llano Grande from Huatulco. To get there, book a tour through a local tourist agency, such as Ecotur Chahue (MX$500 per person), or hire a taxi based out of Huatulco. By tour van or taxi expect the trip to take about an hour and fifteen minutes. Once you turn north off of Highway 200, just east of Huatulco Airport, the road is dirt the whole way.

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