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Instituto de Comunicación y Cultura — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Spanish Language School     (X)
General Spanish language courses are conversation-based and taught at multiple levels from beginner to advanced. The school also offers a full curriculum of specialized Spanish courses in health care, business, phonics, writing, reading, translation, literature, and Latin American studies. Some universities accept credit from the Institute. Be sure to check with yours beforehand. Extracurricular activities and workshops include intercambio, writing, tropical dance, and Oaxacan weaving and cooking. Homestays, posadas, hotels, rooms, apartments, and houses are available.

  • Escaleras del Fortín 105, walk up the stairs from Crespo, on the left;  Cerro del Fortín;  15/20 hrs wk,  USD$150/200 wk,  registration USD$50;  phone/fax 951-501-2359;  www.iccoax.com;  info@www.iccoax.com.  

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