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Instituto Cultural Oaxaca — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Spanish Language School     (L)
The Institutes's campus is a former 19th century mansion where classes are sometimes held outside on its spacious, landscaped grounds and arched terraces. Their multilevel (beginner, intermediate, advanced) general Spanish language program is ambitious, with seven hours a day of instruction, conversation, and cultural workshops. For the less hardcore, programs with fewer hours are available. Additionally, they offer a full curriculum in Spanish of specialized courses in business, health care, and teaching Spanish as well as a course in Spanish for children. Extracurricular activities and workshops include intercambio, day trips, Oaxacan and Méxican history, music, film, ceramics, cooking, textile weaving, painting, kites, masks, piñatas, and salsa and merengue dancing. Homestays, posadas, and apartments are available.

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