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Fountain of the Seven Regions — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Fountain     (A)
The fountain was originally built in 1927 to celebrate the seven indigenous regions of the state. In 2006 it underwent a major redesign and rennovation. The original fountain, like other old fountains in the city, had a large pool, enclosed by a short wall, low enough to sit around the pool’s perimeter easily and relax. To the chagrin of many long-time admirers of the original, the redesigned fountain was elevated several feet, well overhead, constructing a monolith, forcing viewers to step well back to fully take it in, and though the fountain still spouts, the pool is not visible from any angle, making the fountain something to be gawked at, but not experienced intimately. Nevertheless, if you happen to be in the Colonia Reforma, it’s still worth swinging by for a quick look.

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