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El Escapularío Restaurant — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Oaxacan Restaurant     $-$$     (C)
From its second-story perch in a weary-looking old colonial building, this Centro Histórico Oaxacan serves up large portions of authentic Oaxacan food for a mere pittance. For breakfast, the regional egg dishes are an especially good deal, with most costing less than 50 pesos. As for comida and dinner, the specialties of the house, large plates of rich, spicy moles poured over pollo or some other carne, are fine, inexpensive choices as well. And, of course, everything comes with a basket full of warm corn tortillas. This is also a good place to try chapulines for the first time, the tiny red grasshoppers that are a local delicacy. A word of advice, however: Drowning the crunchy critters in a thick mole sauce will help make them go down easier.

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