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Costs — México

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The cost of travel in México varies considerably depending on destination, time of year, and type of travel. Well-trodden destinations such as the Carribean coast, Baja California, and the Pacific coast and most large cities invariably cost more than places off the beaten path. Many hotels raise their prices — as much as 50% — during the high season, holidays, and special events. Airfare is a significant expense that needs to be considered since most travelers travel to México by flying. Airfares vary widely depending on season. For information on the cost of airfare, read the article Getting there — México.

The actual high season varies depending on location, but generally speaking, the peak travel times are the Summer months of July and August, a couple of weeks before and after Christmas, and Easter. If off-season travel is possible, considerable savings can be had for hotels and airfare. For information on the best time to travel, read the article When to go — México.

And finally, the type of travel will effect costs. Most destinations in México can accommodate all types from budget to high-end.

Traveling in México is not as inexpensive as it once was. Indeed, budget travelers, arriving from other places in Latin America, especially Central America, expecting the same low prices, often experience sticker shock. Still, budget travel is still possible in México.

Staying only in modest hotels and eating exlusively in inexpensive restaurants, budget travelers can get by on USD$30-60 a day. Getting by on less is still feasible, but it takes real effort, staying only in hostels, shopping in markets and eating in often, only eating out at food stalls, street vendors, and the most inexpensive restaurants. For tips on saving money while traveling, read the article Budget Travel — México.

In the midrange, say Mex$700-1400, expect a pleasant and comfortable room with private bath and two meals in decent, but not high-end, restaurants. At the upper-end of this price range there are some great deals to be found with really elegant hotels and nice restaurants available.

At the high-end a swank room in a hotel or resort and two fine dining meals a day expect to pay a minimum of Mex$1400.The maximum for the high-end, the sky's the limit.

All sleeping accommodations listed in this guide are labeled with one to four dollar signs ($-$$$$) to signify price range for a single adult in the least expensive room during the high season.

$ Less than Mex$200
$$ Mex$200 - 500
$$$ Mex$500 - 1000
$$$$ Mex$1000 - 2000
$$$$$ More than Mex$2000

All cafés and restaurants listed in this guide are labeled with one to four dollar signs ($-$$$$) to signify price range for a meal that includes a non-alcoholic beverage for a single adult.

$ Less than Mex$50
$$ Mex$50 - $100
$$$ Mex$100 - $200
$$$$ More than Mex$200
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