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City Bus — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Walking is by far the easiest way to get around the dense, historical center of town, as well as some of its adjacent neighborhoods, such as the Colonia Reforma. To reach outlying neighborhoods, relatively inexpensive taxis are easiest and quickest. Nevertheless, local buses, urbanos, go everywhere in the city and are a viable low-cost (Mex$3.50) means of getting around town, although they're slow and the routes can be difficult to navigate. Ask at the front desk for specific route information

One practical bus route runs near the Zócalo and the first-class bus station in the Barrio de Jalatlaco. Buses run south along Benito Juárez, three blocks west of the bus station, to Independencia, three blocks east of the Zócalo, continuing south along Melchor Ocampo. To return, buses run north along Pino Suárez (Xicoténcatl south of Independencia), four blocks east of the Zocalo, to Niños Heroes De Chapultepec, two blocks west of the bus station, continuing north to the Colonia Reforma.

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