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Centro de Esperanza Infantil — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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Most of the children begging or selling nicknacks for a few pesos during the weekdays are not homeless -- they come from families too poor to send their children to school. So when other children are at school they spend their day working the streets for a few pesos to help feed their family. This all volunteer non-profit helps by providing these children with a healthy daily meal, school books and uniforms, foster care, computer labs, art classes, and other essentials of childhood. Nearly all of these families are ethnic Triquis from western Oaxaca and have fled ongoing internecine political violence fomented by the state government to weaken the indigenous Triqui rights movement that has persisted there since the early 1800s. You can volunteer at the center in Oaxaca or send donations to: Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots Inc., Donations, P.O. Box 29226, Brooklyn Center, MN 55429, USA.

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