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Airport — México City, Distrito Federal

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Airport     (M)
Twenty-six million souls pass through the México City airport (MEX, Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez) a year, making it by far the busiest in the México. There are scheduled, usually daily, flights to almost every large city in the country, and Aeroméxico and Mexicana, the country’s two largest carriers, fly to most of them. Many of these same routes are also covered by smaller low-cost national and regional airlines, such as Aeromar, Interjet, VivaAerobus, and Volaris. Most international flights to México are through México City. There, connections are made throughout the country, usually with either Aeroméxico or Mexicana.



Because the airport is smack in the middle of México City, descending upon it from above offers stunning views of the vast, bursting megalopolis, heightening any sense of unease the traveler may have about his impending arrival. Once there, though, on the ground, reality sets in — the city's just not that scary or hard to get around in. Indeed, most travelers find their biggest hassle, if they find they have any hassles at all, is they're carrying around way too much luggage.

The airport has two main terminals, named Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). T1 has been in operation since 1958, undergoing several expansions since then. T2 was opened in late 2007 and it is expected to add a capacity of 10 million more passengers to Latin America’s already busiest airport.

The two Terminals are connected via monorail, Aerotrén, about a 7-minute ride. In T1, the Aerotrén boarding area is on the upper level near Puerta 6, look for the “Crew Parking” signs; and in T2, the Aerotrén boarding area is near Puerta 8. Proof of a valid airline ticket is required to board the monorail.

T1 is organized into an upper and lower level, which are subdivided into eight large areas, named Salas A—F,G,H. Most international arrivals disembark at Salas E1, E2, or E3 on the terminal's lower level, while domestic arrivals disembark at salas A or B on the terminal's lower level.

Sala A: Domestic arrivals and baggage claim, taxi boarding area.
Sala B: Mexicana and Aeroméxico check-in for domestic flights and some domestic arrivals.
Sala C: Aviacsa check-in for domestic flights. (Ceased operations in 2010.)
Sala D: Magnicharters, Volaris, Interjet check-in for domestic flights.
Sala E1—E3: International arrivals.
Sala F1: Aeroméxico, Air France, Argentina, Continental, Copa, Delta, KLM, Northwest, Nova check-in for international flights.
Sala F2: Air Canada, Gol, Lufthansa, Mexicana, United, US Airways check-in for international flights.
Sala F3: American, Avianca, America West, Aviateca, British Airways, Cubana, Iberia, Japan, LAB, Lacsa, Lan Chile, Taca check-in for international flights.
Salas G, H, J: International departures.

T2 is organized into an upper and lower level with five Salas, named K, M, N, P, Q.

Sala K: International check-in and departures for Aeroméxico, Continental, Delta, and Lan Chile.
Sala M: Domestic check-in and departures for Aeromar, Aeroméxico, and Copa,
Sala N & P: International arrivals
Sala Q: Domestic arrivals.

For information on flying to/from/within México, read the articles "International Air Travel México" and "Domestic Air Travel México."

The airport's website, www.aicm.com.mx, is a trove of useful information and is worth a visit, particularly the interactive 3-D map (Flash required) of T1 & T2, although sometimes the information is buried and difficult to find. The English version of the website seems to be missing information. If possible, stick to the Spanish version.

Ground Transportation

Taking the Metro or a taxi is the easiest way of getting between the airport and the city center.


There have been a lot of incidents at the airport of freelance taxi drivers overcharging passengers and of persons posing as taxi drivers robbing unsuspecting tourists. To be prudent, always avoid the taxis parked outside the airport and decline any offers for taxi rides from anyone who appears to be a freelancer.

To guard against abuses and crimes, the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) (a Federal Agency) set up a system where it authorizes taxi companies to provide service to/from the airport, regulates their behavior, and sets their prices between the airport and zones within the city.

Booths selling tickets to authorized taxis can be found at many of the major exits (Salas) in T1 and near both of the exits in T2, Salas Q and P — look for the Transporte Terrestre signs. Prices to the various zones in the city are displayed on large maps at the booths. Most of these taxi companies will pick up riders at hotels and take them to the airport — be sure to call and reserve a pickup time. Prices change, but expect to pay around Mex$200 Zocalo, Mex$230 Zona Rosa, and Mex$260 Polanco to/from the airport. One ticket is valid for up to four people to one destination. Drivers do not expect tips, even though they are, of course, welcomed.

Authorized Taxis Phone Website T1 T2
Confort (55) 5615-4658, (55) 5615-3447 www.confort.9f.com x
Nueva Imagen (55) 8421-3701, (55) 8421-3702 , (55) 5716-1616 www.taxisdelaeropuerto.com.mx
Porto Taxi (55) 5786-8993, (55) 5786-8212 www.portotaximexico.com
Servicio de Excelencia (55) 2598-3531, (55)2598-3341 www.taxisexcelencia.com
Sitio 300 Yellow Cab (55) 5785-7949 www.taxisyellowcabaeropuerto.com.mx

Then, walk outside and find one of the taxi boarding areas by following the Abordaje de Taxis signs. Taxi boarding areas are located at Puertas 1 and 10 in T1 or Puertas 3 and 4 in T2. Inevitably, someone, a porter, probably wearing a uniform of some kind, will approach and offer to tote your bags to the taxi. You do not have to use them. If you do, they will expect a tip. Be sure not to give them your ticket, only hand it to the taxi driver in the boarding area.

Hotels, particularly those in large cities, are used to late arrivals — so don't fret it if your flight gets in late. Still, it would be prudent to have a reservation booked in advance, at least for the first night.

To avoid a lot of roundabout moves through the city's labyrinth of one-way streets, taxi drivers will sometimes drop their fares off a block or two from their actual destination. It's best to accept this, unless it's late at night or you have too much luggage to carry.


The Metro is by far the cheapest way of traveling between the airport and the city center. Keep in mind that large bags are not allowed on the Metro, especially during rush hour (Mon – Fri 6 – 10 am & 6-9 pm). If laden as such, it's best to take a cab. Otherwise, riding the Metro during off hours with a bag or two that fits through the turnstiles should be okay.

The preferred station for catching the Metro to the city center is Terminal Aérea (Línea 5, yellow), located a couple hundred meters (yards) west of T1, Sala A exit.

To get to the Alameda Central and Zócalo:

  • take Línea 5, follow the signs for Dirección Politécincó, to the La Raza station (seven stops away)
  • transfer to Línea 3 (green) toward Dirección Universidad Metro Hidalgo, disembark here to be left off at the west end of the Alameda Central
  • to get to the Zócalo, transfer to Línea 2 (blue), and get off at the third stop.

To get to the Zona Rosa:

  • take Línea 5 to the Pantitlán station, the end of the line. Transfer to the Línea 1 (pink) and get off at the Insurgentes station.


An alternative, although slower, to the Metro is to catch a local bus to the city center. Continue past the Aéreo Metro station to the bus stop on Bulevar de Puerto Aéreo.

Primera Clase (First-class) buses run from the airport to nearby cities from both Terminals. In T1, the ticket booths and bus boarding area are outside of Sala E1; and in T2, the ticket booths and bus boarding area are outside of Sala Q, the exit for national arrivals.

For those just passing through the airport on their way to somewhere else, México City has four major bus stations offering long-distance service — Terminal Central de Autobuses del Norte, Terminal Central del Sur, Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros de Oriente, and Central de Autobuses del Poniente. (See the article "Bus Stations" for more information.)

For general information on traveling by bus in México, read the article "Bus Travel — México."

Destination Puebla (Sta. 4 Pte) Puebla (Sta. CAPU) Cuernavaca Querétaro Pachuca Toluca Tlaxcala Córdoba
Bus Company Estrella Roja Estrella Roja Pullman Primera Plus Estrella Blanca Caminante ATAH ADO
Fare Mex$194 Mex$194 Mex$150 Mex$256 Mex$135 Mex$135 Mex$140 Mex$420
Schedule 0:30 6:00 0:30 6:15 6:30 7:30 7:00 12:00
2:30 8:00 6:40 7:00 7:15 8:30 8:30 15:00
5:30 9:00 7:15 8:00 8:15 9:30 9:30 17:30
6:15 10:00 8:00 9:00 9:15 10:30 11:00 19:00
7:00 11:00 8:30 10:00 10:15 11:30 12:30 20:30
7:30 12:00 9:00 11:00 11:15 12:30 13:30 22:00
8:10 13:00 9:30 12:00 12:15 13:30 16:30
8:50 14:00 10:00 12:45 13:15 14:30 18:00
9:40 15:00 10:40 13:30 14:15 15:30 19:30
10:20 16:00 11:20 14:00 15:15 16:30 20:30
10:50 17:00 12:00 14:30 16:15 17:30 21:30
11:30 18:00 12:40 15:00 17:15 18:30
12:10 19:00 13:20 15:30 17:45 19:30
12:40 20:00 13:40 16:00 18:15 20:30
13:10 22:00 14:00 16:30 19:15 21:30
13:30 23:00 14:30 17:00 20:15 22:30
14:10 15:00 17:30 21:15 23:30
14:30 15:40 18:00 22:00
15:10 16:10 18:30
15:30 16:40 19:00
16:10 17:10 19:30
16:30 17:40 20:15
17:10 18:00 21:00
17:30 18:20 21:45
18:10 18:40 22:30
18:30 19:20
19:10 19:40
19:30 20:00
20:10 20:40
20:50 21:10
21:30 21:40
22:30 22:10
23:30 22:50

Car Rental

Many major, as well as a few local, car rental companies operate out of the airport in both terminals. In T1, most are located near Salas A (domestic arrivals) and E (international arrivals); and in T2, they're located near the exits for domestic and international arrivals. For more information on renting a car in México, read the article "Car Rental".

Car Company Terminal Location Local Phone Toll-Free México Hours Website
Alamo 1 Sala A, Domestic Arrivals NR18 (55) 2599-9023 01-800-849-8001 daily 7 am - 10 pm www.alamomexico.com.mx, www.alamo.com
Alamo 1 Sala D 19-B (55) 5786-9214 01-800-849-8001 24 hrs www.alamomexico.com.mx, www.alamo.com
Alamo 2 Domestic Arrivals 14 (55) 2598-3476 01-800-849-8001 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.alamomexico.com.mx, www.alamo.com
Alamo 2 International Arrivals 12 (55) 2598-3477 01-800-849-8001 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.alamomexico.com.mx, www.alamo.com
Avis 1 Sala C 6 (55) 5786-9452 01-800-288-8888 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.avis.com.mx, www.avis.com
Avis 1 Sala A, Domestic Arrivals NR15 (55) 5762-3233 01-800-288-8888 daily 7 am - 10 pm www.avis.com.mx, www.avis.com
Avis 2 Domestic Arrivals 11 (55) 5762-2755 01-800-288-8888 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.avis.com.mx, www.avis.com
Avis 2 International Arrivals 16 (55) 5762-2755 01-800-288-8888 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.avis.com.mx, www.avis.com
Budget 1 Sala A, Domestic Arrivals NR14 01-800-700-1700 daily 7 am - 10 pm www.budget.com.mx, www.budget.com
Budget 1 Sala C 4 01-800-700-1700 24 hrs www.budget.com.mx, www.budget.com
Budget 2 Domestic Arrivals 9 01-800-700-1700 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.budget.com.mx, www.budget.com
Budget 2 International Arrivals 11 01-800-700-1700 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.budget.com.mx, www.budget.com
Dollar 1 Sala E 7 (55) 55-2599-1111 24 hrs www.dollar.com
Economovil Rent 1 Sala C 16 (55) 2599-0147 24 hrs www.economovilrent.com
Europcar 1 Sala C 15 None 01-800-201-2084 24 hrs www.europcar.com.mx, www.europcar.com
Europcar 1 Sala A, Domestic Arrivals NR-17 (55) 8786-8265 01-800-201-2084 daily 7 am - 10 pm www.europcar.com.mx, www.europcar.com
Europcar 2 Domestic Arrivals 10 (55) 5786-8216 01-800-201-2084 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.europcar.com.mx, www.europcar.com
Europcar 2 International Arrivals 10 (55) 5786-8216 01-800-201-2084 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.europcar.com.mx, www.europcar.com
Gold Car Rent 1 Sala D 19 A-2 (55) 2599-0090 24 hrs
Hertz 1 Sala C 5 (55) 5784-7400 01-800-709-5000 daily 7 am - 10 pm www.hertz.com
Hertz 1 Sala A, Domestic Arrivals NR16 (55) 5784-7400 01-800-709-5000 daily 7 am - 10 pm www.hertz.com
Hertz 2 Domestic Arrivals 13 (55) 5784-7400 01-800-709-5000 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.hertz.com
Hertz 2 International Arrivals 14 (55) 5784-7400 01-800-709-5000 daily 7 am - 11:30 pm www.hertz.com
National 1 Sala A, Domestic Arrivals NR25 (55) 5786-9026 01-800-716-6625 24 hrs www.nationalcar.com.mx, www.nationalcar.com
National 2 Domestic Arrivals 12 (55) 5786-9026 01-800-716-6625 24 hrs www.nationalcar.com.mx, www.nationalcar.com
National 2 International Arrivals 15 (55) 5786-9026 01-800-716-6625 24 hrs www.nationalcar.com.mx, www.nationalcar.com
Sixt Rent a Car 1 Sala A, Domestic Arrivals NR23 (55) 5709-8011, (55) 5709-8012 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.sixt.com
Sixt Rent a Car 1 Sala C 7 (55) 2599-1221, (55) 2599-1221 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.sixt.com
Sixt Rent a Car 2 Domestic Arrivals 50 (55) 2599-1221, (55) 2599-3542 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.sixt.com
Thrifty 1 Sala B E-67 (55) 5786-8268 (800) 000-0000 24 hrs www.thrifty.com
Thrifty 2 International Arrivals 18 (55) 5546-6727 daily 7 am - 11 pm www.thrifty.com


Several hotels are located inside, within walking distance, or nearby the airport:


NH Hoteles

  • Located inside the the airport, T2, upper level, near international departures, Sala G; Restaurant serving International Cuisine open long hours from 6 am to 11 pm; +52 (55) 5786-5750; www.nh-hotels.com; Reservations: nhaeropuertot2mexico@nh-hotels.com

Camino Real

Fiesta Inn



Money Exchange/ATM

Peso-dispensing ATMS on the Cirrus and Plus networks (available 24/7) and casas de cambio (money exchange windows) are in almost every sala in both T1 & T2. Upon arrival just look around for the nearest one. Casas de cambio exchange most major currencies and travelers' checks (most open daily 6 am - 9 pm, some 24/7). For information on exchanging currency and using an ATM in México, read the article "Money & Costs."


Restaurants and food stalls are sprinkled throughout T1 & T2 in both the upper and lower levels. In T1 there are, however, two clusters of restaurants both in the upper level at opposite ends of the terminal near domestic departures (Sala A) and international departures (Salas G & H). In T2 in the upper level, there's a food court.


In T1 Sala E2 Servitel ((55) 2599-0600) has internet access. Additionally, there are a few kiosks (24/7, 25 pesos per 15 min) scattered about T1 in the upper level (two near Sala H) and the lower level (Salas E1, D, C) that require Ladatel phone cards, which can be purchased in shops and from machines. In T2 there are internet kiosks as well.

Telephone & Fax

In T1 Sala E2 on the lower level, there's a caseta (telephone call office) and in every sala in both T1 & T2 there are pay phones. For information on making international, domestic long-distance, and local calls, read the article "Telephone México."

In T1 there are fax offices (24/7) near Salas D, E, and F.

Tourist Information

Tourist information booths are scattered around T1, in the upper level near (Salas J, F3, G, H, B, A), in the lower level near international arrivals (Sala E1). There's also a small office near domestic arrivals (Sala A, 7 am - 9 pm, (55) 5786-9002) where hotel reservations can be made.

In T2 lower level there are three booths conveniently located in front of domestic and international arrivals, Salas N, P, Q. In the upper level there are four booths, three in the vicinity of Sala K, one near Sala M.


English-language books, including a few guidebooks to México, can be found in T1 at the bookstores in Salas A & E2 and in T2 at the bookstore, Librerias Gandhi, in Sala K.

Luggage Lockers

Luggage can be left securely in T1 at the lockers in the lower level near international arrivals in Sala E2 and Sala D (Mex$85 per bag per day, (55) 5802-8467), and in T2 at the lockers in the lower level outside of domestic arrivals Sala Q.

Post Office

In T1 lower level there's a Post Office (Oficina de Correos) in Sala A near domestic arrivals (Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm, Sat 9 am - 3pm; Postal Code:15620), and in T2 For information on sending a letter or shipping a package, read the article "Mail & Shipping México."

Lost and Found

In T1 on the mezzanine room 102 ((55) 5571-3600 x2289, Mon - Fri 9 am - 9 pm, Sat & Sun 9 am - 2 pm). In T2 room TLL-01.


In an emergency go to one of the tourist information booths scattered around T1 & T2 or the tourist information office in T1 Sala A, and they will call the police or direct you to them.


In T1 there are six pharmacies, three in the upper level near Salas A, F2, G and three in the lower level near Salas B, C, E3. In T2 there are four pharmacies, two in the upper level near Salas K & M and two in the lower level near Salas P & Q. All are open long hours daily from 6 am to around 10;30/11 pm.

Medical Services

In T1 there are two clinics. Both are in the upper level near domestic departures (Sala B, 24/7, (55) 2482-2424 x2243, (55) 5571-3084) and international departures (Sala G, 7 am - 10:30 pm, (55) 2482-2424 x2535). Look for the Red Cross signs. In T2 there's a clinic near Sala M (24/7, (55) 2598-7000 x7007 or x7008). Again, look for the Red Cross signs

Tourist Permit, Customs & Departure Tax

International airline passengers are charged a departure tax for leaving México, which is usually levied and paid for when they buy their tickets. Make sure that all tickets have this charge on it. Otherwise, this tax is levied at the time of departure and is only payable in pesos or US dollars (USD$38).

Immigration (Migración) and Customs (Aduana) are both located at the airport. Upon arrival, tourist permits for international passengers are stamped by immigration officials and customs declarations are made at the airport. (To expedite matters, both forms are usually provided in flight by the airlines.) Hang on to tourist permit for the duration of the trip. Upon departure, immigration officials will ask to see it. A lost or stolen tourist permit should always be replaced before leaving México. Otherwise, be prepared for hassles with immigration officials and a possible fine to boot. Besides, even though it might take a few hours, getting a replacement isn't that difficult. To get a replacement, bring proof of arrival date in México — stamped passport, copy of lost tourist permit, or airline ticket — to the Immigration office (www.inm.gob.mx) at the airport.

T1 Customs office is located in the lower level near domestic arrivals in Sala A, (55) 2482-2424 x2301. International arrivals customs declarations are made after baggage claim in Salas E1, E3. T2 international arrivals customs declarations are made after baggage claim in the lower level in Sala P, or international departures in the upper level in Sala K.



Aeroméxico, Aeroméxconnect

Air Canada

Air France

Alaska Air



British Airways




  • www.cubana.cu; reservaciones@cubanamexico.com
  • Airport: T1, Sala F3; daily 6 am - 8 am; (55) 5802-8676
  • Downtown Office: Homero 613, corner Temístocles (Sol y Son Viajes); Colonia Polanco; Mon - Fri 9 am-5:30 pm; (55) 5250-6355



  • www.iberia.com
  • Airport: T1, Sala F3; Mon - Fri & Sun 8 am - 11 am, daily 4 pm - 8pm ; (55) 2599-0226;
  • Downtown Office: Ave Ejército Nacional 436, 9th fl; Colonia Polanco; Mon - Fri 9 am - 5:30 pm; (55) 1101-1515


Airport: T1, Sala D; daily 6 am - 9 pm

  • Downtown Office: Centro Comercial Antara, Ejército Nacional 843 B, Local SE-5 Planta baja, Colonia Granada; Mon - Fri 9 am - 8 pm, Sat & Sun 9 am - 6 pm; (55) 1102-5555

Japan Air Lines (JAL)

KLM (Northwest Airlines)




Mexicana, MexicanaLink, MexicanClick

  • Mex toll-free 01-800-801-2010; [http:// www.mexicana.com www.mexicana.com]
  • Airport: Domestic T1, Sala C; 5 am - 10:45 pm; (55) 5786-6800
  • Airport: International, Sala F1; 5 am - 12 midnight; (55) 5786-6800 x8988
  • Downtown Office: Ave Juárez 32, corner Balderas; Colonia Cuauhtémoc (Juárez); Mon - Fri 10 am - 6:45 pm; Sat 9 am - 5:45 pm; (55) 5512-7505
  • Downtown Office: Paseo De La Reforma 312, corner Amberes; Colonia Cuauhtémoc (Juárez); Mon - Fri 9 am - 6:45 pm; (55) 5511-3660, (55) 5511-0424
  • Downtown Office: Ejército Nacional 980, Local 134-B; Colonia Polanco; daily 11 am - 7:45 pm; (55) 5395-9663

TACA, Lasca


US Airways



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