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Airport — Huatulco, Oaxaca

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Airport     (H)
Most international flights to Huatulco (HUX) have same day connections through México City with MexicanaClick, Mexicana's low-cost affiliate, except for Continental flying to/from Houston 2-4 times a week depending on the season. Domestically, Mexicana and Interjet both fly daily non-stop to/from México City. Aerotucán is the only other carrier operating out of the airport, flying small prop planes to/from the city of Oaxaca (30 minutes), the flights replete with stunning views of the rugged southern coastal mountain range, the Sierra Madre del Sur. For anyone wanting to fly direct to the Oaxacan coast, Huatulco is by far a better airport to fly into than Puerto Escondido, with many more daily flights and much lower fares, unless, of course, Puerto Escondido is the only destination.

  • Just off Highway 200 about 11km (7 mi) west of the exit to La Crucecita and 25km (16 mi) east of Highway 175 (near Puerto Ángel).;  phone 958-581-9004;  www.asur.com.mx.  

The Huatulco airport is small with only a few simple amenities — a single restaurant, a couple of knick-knack shops, and a small newsstand with a few paperbacks and magazine.

There's no money-exchange counter at the airport. The only way to get pesos upon arrival is through an ATM. If connecting through México City (or some other larger hub) consider exchanging for some pesos there. There are, however, banks and ATMs in Santa Cruz, Crucecita, Pochutla, and Puerto Ángel.

Transportación Terrestre Aeropuerto (958-581-9014) runs colectivos (Mex$80-90, depending on where) to/from the airport and Huatulco locations. Buy tickets at the company's counter. There is no direct colectivo service from the airport to Puerto Ángel. There are, however, colectivos running east and west along highway 200 towards Huatulco and Pochutla.

Taxis to Huatulco (120 pesos), Puerto Ángel (300-350 pesos), and Puerto Escondido (500 pesos) can be found at the entrance to the terminal.

No buses go directly to the airport. Adventurous travelers, however, can walk about half a kilometer (a quarter mile) south to the entrance of the airport on highway 200 and flag down one of the many second-class buses (every 20 minutes) heading east (to the left) towards Huatulco (7 pesos, marked La Crucecita, Santa Cruz, or Bahías de Huatulco) or west (to the right) to Pochutla (14 pesos). From the Pochutla bus stop, a colectivo (10 pesos) or taxi (50-80 pesos) can be taken to Puerto Ángel, or for a few more pesos any of the nearby beach towns, such as Zipolite, San Augustinillo, and Mazunte. Also stopping at the airport's entrance and heading west to Puerto Escondido are the green and yellow first-class Sur buses (every 30 minutes, 37 pesos), a real bargain given a taxi can run as high as 500 pesos. Note: The first-class OCC and ADO buses are direct and will not stop.

International airline passengers are charged a departure tax for leaving México, which is usually levied and paid for when they buy their tickets. Make sure that all tickets have this charge on it. Otherwise, this tax is levied at the time of departure and is only payable in pesos or US dollars (USD$38).

Immigration (Migración) and Customs (Aduana) are both located at the airport. Upon arrival, tourist permits for international passengers are stamped by immigration officials and customs declarations are made at the airport. (To expedite matters, both forms are usually provided in flight by the airlines.) Hang on to tourist permit for the duration of the trip. Upon departure, immigration officials will ask to see it. A lost or stolen tourist permit should always be replaced before leaving México. Otherwise, be prepared for hassles with immigration officials and a possible fine to boot. Besides, even though it might take a few hours, getting a replacement isn't that difficult. To get a replacement, bring proof of arrival date in México — stamped passport, copy of lost tourist permit, or airline ticket — to the Immigration office (www.inm.gob.mx) at the airport (daily 9 am - 1 pm). For information call the Immigration office in the city of Oaxaca, 951-502-0004.

For information on flying to/from/within México and the state Oaxaca, read the articles "International Air Travel México", "Domestic Air Travel México", "Getting Around Oaxaca By Air", and "Flights to Oaxaca."

Mexicana   Airline     (M)
MexicanaClick, an affiliate of Mexicana, flies non-stop three times a day to/from México City. There, it has numerous non-stop flights throughout México, the US, and Latin America; a few non-stop flights to Canada and Europe; and many connections with other airlines to destinations around the world. Note: Map pin M placement is an approximation.

Continental   Airline     (A)
ExpressJet, an affiliate of Continental, flies non-stop 2-4 times a week to/from Houston, depending on the season. There, it has numerous non-stop flights throughout México, the US, and Latin America and a few non-stop flights to Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Interjet   Airline     (A)
Interjet flies non-stop once daily to/from México City. There, it has numerous non-stop flights throughout México.

Magnicharters   Airline     (A)
Magnicharters flies nonstop daily, except on Tuesdays, to/from México City. From there, it flies non-stop to about a half-dozen, mostly coastal, destinations.

Aerotucán   Airline     (U)
Aerotucán flies a 13-seat Cessna single-prop plane daily to/from the city of Oaxaca. Note: Map pin U placement is an approximation.

And lastly, Aerovega flies a 7-seat Cessna dual-prop plane daily to/from the city of Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido, and if there's enough demand that day, Huatulco. Contact its office in the city of Oaxaca 951-516-4982 or Puerto Escondido 954-582-0151 to find out when the plane is running to Huatulco.

Car Rentals
Car rental agents are usually on duty for flight arrivals. If not, make a reservation ahead of time and they will meet your flight:

Budget (in Crucecita tel. 958/587-0010, fax 958/587-0019),

Advantage (tel. 958/581­)

Dollar (tel. 958/581-0487). During the winter especially, make reservations in the U.S. or Canada prior to departure.

Europcar (www.europcar.com.mx) Airport (581-90-94; 11am-5pm); La Crucecita (583-47-51; Plaza Carmelinas, Blvd Chahué; 8am-1pm & 4-7pm) Recommended for reasonable rates (from M$600 per day) and efficient service.

Hertz (www.hertz.com) Airport (581-90-92; 24hr); Tangolunda (581-05-88; Crown Pacific Hotel, Blvd Juárez 8; 9am-2pm & 4-6pm) Also dependable.

Aeropuerto Internacional de Huatulco Costera Salina Cruz Km 237 Huatulco,

Mexico Phone : 521-958-585-4502 521-958-585-4102 Fax: 521-744-485-6942 Location Type: Independent Licensee Hours of Operation: 0900-1900 7 Days

International Crown Pacific Hotel Av Benito Juarez 8 Huatulco, Mexico Phone : 52-958-581-0588 Fax: 52-958-581-9092 Location Type: Independent Licensee Hours of Operation: 0900-1400 and 1600-2000 7 Days

For more information on renting a car in México, read the article "Car Rental".

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