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100% Natural — Oaxaca City, Oaxaca

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NotesPickCheckMark.png   Vegetarian     $$-$$$     (H)
It' hard enough to find a decent health food restaurant back home, much less while traveling abroad. This place, even though it's a national chain, is an exception, modeling its entrées, appetizers, and drinks after Western-styled health food, and pulling it all off. Though mostly vegetarian, the menu does have some meat and seafood dishes on it, so vegetarians should be careful when ordering, and don't hesitate to request substitutes.

For breakfast, try a stack of the excellent multigrain hotcakes, a real bargain at 55 pesos. Be sure to specify miel de maple, though; otherwise, a jar of honey just may materialize on the table instead. After that, for comida or dinner, there's long list of familiar entrées to choose from. For specifics, check the menu online.

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